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Welcome to where you can get all the information about football. Here you can find general informatie, but also events that have happened in the past or will take place in the future. is a website for footballfans, however, it is also a great website for people who don't know that much about football. Read the latest news about the most famous international footballplayers or read about the Dutch competition, there is nothing that can't be mentioned on this website.


It is pretty boring when there are only possibilities to read information, instead of being interactive. That is why you can find several games which are all related to football. Be part of team or play a game on your own and make as many penalty's as possible. One part of football which mostly will be done in leisure time is to keep the ball from the ground. In this game you need to keep the ball from the ground with as many kicks possible. Maybe you will get your own new top score!


Sometimes it is hard to purchase all the footballshirts you want because most of them can only be purchased at the place where the team is located. Internet is therefor the solution for this problem because there are many shops online from which you can purchase shirts, socks, shorts, tracksuits and much more other products. made a selection for you of the best web shops, so take a quick look on one of these web shops. is there for the footballfans! Read one of the interesting articles and get to know more about your favorite sport!