Football is a very popular game in which a lot of money gets invested every year, when a game will take place all the fans are ready to support their favorite team. The national teams even have an effect to the whole country, almost all the inhabitants follow their team day by day and watch every game with the hope that they will win. There are several football competitions, in The Netherlands the most people follow the national competition, however there are even Dutch teams which participate with the Champions League where they compete against international teams.


What people don't expect is that football has his origin with rugby, which now have a big difference. In England they played a game which was a variant of football that had a lot of similarities with rugby because there were no rules. The sport was very rough which made some players decide to integrate some rules this led to the beginning of football as we know it now. The first professional footballteam can be found nearby its origin because it was founded in England. In 1904 the FIFA was founded due to this first professional team, hereafter, in 1954 the EUFA was founded.

Ground rules

A football game always starts with 22 players on the field, each team has 11 players from which one is the keeper. The rules to win a football game aren't hard because you just need to score more goals than your competitor. It may sound easy, however, it is not because relatively the scores are very low in a football game in comparison with other sports. A football field contains sidelines and back lines in which the ball can't cross these lines. The back lines are a big threat for the team who is doing the defense because when the ball crosses the back line due to the defense team it will give the offensive team a corner. It is a big threat because the chance of making a goal out of a corner is much bigger.


An offside is a common word which gets used several times in a football game, however, a lot of people don't know what an offside exactly is. An offside happens when the ball gets passed to another player of the offensive team who is closer to the back line then a defender at the moment of passing. This default occurs many times in a football game, even in professional games. The games that take place are normally 2x45 minutes but in most cases there will be several additional minutes because of pauses during a game in which the time continues, the additional time will be determined by the referee. Other tasks of the referee is to determine which is an infringement in which most of these infringements are punished with a free kick or in worst cases they even get punished with a penalty or penalty cards such as the yellow and red card. The punishment depends on which actions have taken place.