Play online football

Football is a sport which not only can be played on the fields but it is also possible to play football games on your computer or console. Online gaming is a great solution for the times that you're alone or when you're not the biggest sports hero. There are a lot of football games which can be played online, therefor the chance is higher that you will find a game which can be labeled as your favorite.

Computer vs. console

The computer made place for laptops and consoles in the last few years, so playing games on the computer isn't as popular anymore as it was a few years ago. The decline in popularity of computers has to do with the popular football games which are only getting released for consoles. However, this reason can't stop the fact that there are still a lot of fun football games on the internet which can be played on your computer and the biggest advantage of these online games is that you can play them without any download, it is all free.

Several games

Football games are there in several variations, with some games you play a real game in which you are part of a team and another game you play on your own. One good example of a game in which you play alone is taking penalty's, focus on the ball and make sure you're smarter than the keeper which you have to pass. Another popular item in football is to keep the ball from the ground with the help of your feet or other body parts. The amount that the ball is in the air will be count in these games, so make sure you will get the new high score. In the penalty games it is very important to perform well, because it can lead you to a victory or it can lead to losing the game. These penalty games are a good practice for the real world, so you may end up to be a good football player.